Der Tagesspiegel


»Stern hinter Wolken«
By Matthias Nöther

It is raining cats and dogs, but the spectators of Viva l'Opera at the Classic Open Air Concert on the Gendamenmarkt hardly seem to bother. Though following the break on Saturday evening, some empty seat rows are identifiable within the sea of €1 rain capes made available by the sponsor, the vast majority of the audience holds out. And as the reward cannot possibly consist in azure blue sky and brightly shining stars, all the attention is focused on what is going on in music terms. On the stage, however, the weather does take it toll. Though the Berlin Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Oliver Tardy delivers Gounod's »Faust« waltz and the overture to Verdi's »Forza del destino« with precision, the Capella Mallorquina lets itself be upset too much by an ambiance bearing no resemblance whatsoever to the Mediterranean. The choir sounds too hesitant and undecided in its glorification of the »Carmen« torero and in the freedom chorus from Verdi's »Nabucco«. A better job is done by the solo singers: although Roberto Alagna predominantly carries out standard tenor situations in an aria composed by his brother David, he eventually lets himself be inspired to a shadowed »E lucevan le stele« by the low clouds. Impressive in every aspect is soprano singer Barbara Krieger, who finds dark and soft colours in the French numbers by Bizet and Delibes, and gives proof of her splendour in »Madame Butterfly«. Only the encores are no match for the fireworks marking the opening of the American Embassy. Der Tagesspiegel